First-Grade Scholars Gardening Experience

Our first-grade scholars planted collards on Tuesday, September 13. The class looked at the parts of the plant and emphasized the size—so very small with a long root!

First-grade teacher, Ms. Smith, said, "Each day we walked by and looked at them after lunch. The children even gave their collards a name. We went without rain and had to replant after three weeks, even though we watered them. The children learned the lesson that 'real rain' has what plants need! We observed daily and noticed that the type of soil had a significant effect on how big the collards were. Some of the boxes have dry, sandy dirt, and they did not grow as fast or as large. We harvested the collards right before Christmas, and the parents came and picked up the collards to cook for Christmas."

What a great "gardening experience" this was! Thank you, teachers!

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