At Rocky Mount Prep, we take our scholars’ safety very seriously. We are pleased to provide safe and convenient transportation services for our scholars.

Bus Routes

We’ve done our very best to schedule pick-up and drop-off locations to accommodate our scholars’ needs. Please view our routes to find your stop. The bus route schedule will not be finalized until after the first 20 days of school.

Transportation Changes

Please request transportation changes in writing. We can not take any transportation changes over the phone. Please send all requests via handwritten note, email, or fax. Al requests must include the signature of a parent or guardian.

Bus Behavior

Riding the bus is a privilege. We expect our scholars to adhere to the following:

  • Use your inside voice. No screaming or yelling on the bus.
  • Arrive at your bus stop 10 to 15 minutes before the pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Choose only one bus for transportation. We do not permit scholars to ride a different bus each day.
  • All elementary scholars must have an adult pick them up or an older sibling accompany them home from the bus stop.
  • Buses will not return to a stop after dropping off scholars.
  • Scholars returned three times during the school year may lose bus privileges.
  • Stay in your assigned seat and keep your feet out of the aisle. No exceptions.
  • Carry your backpack in front of your body and hold it on your lap while seated. 
  • Leave the bus better than you found it. You are responsible for the cleanliness of your assigned seat and surrounding area. We check seats daily. 
  • We do not permit eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Remain seated until the bus driver dismisses you from the bus.
  • Do not confront the driver if you have a concern with them. Contact the transportation director with your concerns.

Contact Info

For questions, to sign up for transportation services, or to discuss concerns, please contact:

Yoshida Phillips, Transportation Director
(252) 343-7603