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Rocky Mount takes pride in education and we want to see all of our students excel in school. To get this education, we realize that there must be a method of transportation to get there so we offer bus transportation.

 For any transportation questions or sign up information, contact our Director of Operations at


Transportation Request Form

Bus Routes


  1. Be at bus stop at least 10-15 minutes prior to your scholar pick-up and drop-off times.
  2. Due to bus capacity, you will only be allowed to choose 1 bus for transportation. This choice must be consistent, we CANNOT have 1 scholar assigned to ride a different bus every day. This causes confusion. (Ex. 1 bus for both a.m. & p.m.; 1 bus for a.m.; 1 bus for p.m.; but not 2 different buses for a.m. & p.m. or 1 bus for a.m. & 2 different buses for p.m.; etc.)
  3. All elementary scholars must have either an adult pick them up from the bus stop or an older sibling to accompany them home from the bus stop. If neither is available when the bus arrive at the stop, then the scholar will be returned back to school. It will then become the parent responsibility to pick-up their scholar. THE BUS WILL NOT RETURN BACK TO A STOP ONCE IT LEAVES!
  4. If the scholar is returned back to school consistently because you are NOT at the bus stop, this could result in loss of bus riding privileges.
  5. If transportation needs to be changed, notify me at least 24 hours in advance me at 252-443-9858.
  6. If there are any concerns with a driver or bus issue contact me directly. Do NOT by any means have a confrontation with the driver due to safety issues.
Vontina Green 
Transportation Director