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The Prep Story

Rocky Mount Prep was founded in 1997 by local business leaders to provide a rigorous, “world class” education to prepare scholars from all backgrounds for success in college, career, and life. From its inception, the school’s founders have had a conviction that all children can learn and that every student should be challenged to reach his or her fullest potential. Its original charter application promised the school would “offer parents and students a fundamentally different choice from traditional public schools.


Our team is profoundly committed to ensuring students in Eastern North Carolina have access to their best options for their educational needs. We strive to provide the best public school experiences while using our charter school flexibility to meet the needs of our scholars. We know that impacting the lives of scholars, impacts families and impacts the greater community. We strive to be our communities choice of educational option for their children.

Rocky Mount Prep seeks to:

Create a school culture that is conducive to learning and everyone feels valued and included in the educational process.

Ensure curriculum resources are high quality and meet staff and student needs. Curricula are implemented with fidelity. Lessons are aligned to support learning and achievement.

Support all teachers in their professional growth and implementation of impactful classroom practice.

Implement an assessment system to identify and meet scholar learning needs, plan instruction and close achievement gaps.


A Message from Rocky Mount Prep's Head of School, Dr. Chaunte Garrett