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Communication Request Form

The purpose of this request form is to provide the Director of Communications with critical, initial infromation to ensure all efforts are commnuicated with excellence via the most effective methods possible to reach target audiences. RMP staff members should use this form to make any communucation requests, both internally for the school or externally to our friends and families. We ask that you complete this form one week prior to the event date, or 48 hours prior to an internal or external communication, if applicable. For specific questions, contact Haley Ward, Director of Communications & Recuritment Coordinator, at hward@rmprep.org.

Contact Information
WHAT: I am requesting the following.....*
WHEN: Has this event already taken place? (For example, you may answer yes if: your class went on a field trip last week and you would like to share some photos on our social media outlets after the field trip has taken place)*
WHY: What is the purpose behind the communication or event? Are we...*
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